3 Pk Finish 20856,20855,20854 4806

3 Pk Finish 20856,20855,20854 4806
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Description This kit includes a 16 oz. bottle of pure walnut oil, a 4 oz. bottle of walnut oil based friction finish with microcrystalline wax and a 4 oz. jar of walnut oil based microcrystalline paste wax.
  • Pure walnut oil can be used alone as a finish, especially for bowls and kitchen utensils. It makes a great wet sanding medium. You may apply friction finish over the top of the walnut oil when used to enhance the grain.

  • Walnut oil based friction finish is used like traditional friction finishes and contains shellac, alcohol (as a solvent for the shellac) and microcrystalline wax in a walnut oil base. There are no chemical based solvents such as you would find in non-walnut oil based products. Great for pens, turned lidded boxes and any small item where speed and a moderately durable finish is the goal.

  • The walnut oil based microcrystalline wax is exactly the same type of wax used in our competitor “Renaissance Wax” except ours is in an all-natural base with none of the chemical solvents found in Renaissance brand wax. This wax may be used to enhance the shine and durability of all film finishes. The claim to fame for microcrystalline wax is that it resists showing finger prints on the finished object. Other waxes are notorious for showing finger prints and ruining an otherwise glistening surface. This wax shows best when buffed to a high luster with a soft cotton wheel.


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