Longworth Style Chuck Shipping

Longworth Style Chuck Shipping
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Your “Ron Brown’s Best” Longworth Style Chuck is intended for use with plates, platters, bowls and other vessels as a holding aid on a wood lathe while removing the tenon previously held by a 4 jaw scroll chuck or a face plate.
This Longworth Style Chuck is intended for use when making light finishing cuts only. It is NOT intended for use when attempting heavy stock removal. It is strongly recommended that the operator engage the tailstock with a live center as long as possible. That means all but the final 1” in the very center of the vessel.
Compression vs. Expansion Mode
Most operators will use the Longworth Style Chuck for gripping a vessel from the outside in – Compression. This is the recommended method when the sides are vertical or sloping in toward the base. The Longworth Style Chuck may also be used in the expansion mode where the rim of the vessel slops toward the center of the vessel rather than flaring outward.


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