Savannah 1/2 Inch Bowl Gouge (7390)

Savannah 1/2 Inch Bowl Gouge (7390)
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Description Bowl gouges are primarily used in the production of bowls, platters, dishes and other hollow forms produced on the faceplate - normally with the grain running across the blank. Ron's Notes: On of the best kept secrets in tools is the Savannah and Stone Mountain Brand of turning tools. The bowl gouges shown are some of my personal tools and have been reground to my preferences. Shown are 1/2" bowl gouges with an excellent, easy to sharpen and shape "U" flute. I use two grinds, a full Ellsworth grind and a short grind. Although much less expensive than some of the better known brands, these tools have excellent edge holding power, great handle designs and are a joy to use. At these prices, you can afford to get more than one and have different grinds on the same sized tool! I do.   These gouges were sharpened on a 180 grit CBN Wheel. 


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